1. Dr. DePompo

    How to Beat Panic Attacks! – without going crazy!

    Panic attacks can be treated very quickly with good treatment. Panic attacks often start with physiological symptoms such as being sweaty, shortness of breath, dizziness, flushed face, pain in chest, trouble swallowing, etc. Everyday events like a hot day, physical exertion, a nightmare, anger or excitement can bring these symptoms...
  2. Misa Butsuhara

    Rigid Thinking & How it Can Make You Cheat

    When it comes down to it, it’s rigid thinking that gets us into trouble. It makes us believe all sorts of things that simply aren’t true. Things like, “My spouse should automatically know how to make me happy,” “I put up with a lot, so I deserve to have an affair,”...
  3. Dr. DePompo

    Independence or Autonomous Day?

    Well it is July 4th and here in the US we are celebrating our independence. Independence Our culture as a whole promotes this idea of the “Strong man” or the “Strong woman” that can do it all! How healthy is “independence?” When one is independent there is an inference that...
  4. Dr. DePompo

    Is “self-esteem” killing us?

    Therapists who think and work with their clients in terms of “achieving a higher measure of self-esteem” or a higher conditional positive self-image may be misguided.  It is not more realistic and helpful to teach them how to attain self-acceptance (or unconditional positive regard)? For example, a “good person” is one that is...
  5. Dr. DePompo

    How to Quiet Your Inner Mother

    The following is an interview with Dr. Paul DePompo on Mother’s Day. What do you mean by quieting your “inner mother”? As a child we are helpless– the Mother is often the first protector. Her voice was the loudest and it kept us safe – as adults the voice becomes part...
  6. Dr. DePompo

    What to Do When the Love of your Life is Unavailable!

    It’s been hard to find love, but you believe you’ve finally found it. He’s charming, fun, and intelligent. He’s really pursuing you, telling you that you are the only one who “gets” him. Just as you are feeling confident about the relationship and settling in … he suddenly starts becoming...
  7. Dr. DePompo

    5 Relationship Rights you Must Enforce

    When you first met, things were nicely intense and passionate. The two of you had a spark that ignited into a burning flame. Now after he or she knows you “belong” to him or her, it seems like the house that was built is about to burn down. In the...
  8. Dr. DePompo

    Top 4 Mistakes Parents Make at “Bedtime”

    Children do not come with a handbook. Wouldn’t it be great if they did? One of the first pages parents would turn to is how to handle bedtime. It is a night when we are at our most tired and our parenting skills can go out the window as children...
  9. Cassandra Quaglierini

    6 Rules to Keep the Kids Out of Divorce

    Divorce is difficult for all involved especially the children.  With January notoriously being the busiest month for divorce attorneys with divorce filings up by one third the joy of a new year can be plagued by the emotional consequences of this trying time.  For children, this can be a time...
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