1. Dr. DePompo

    Moving Past the Post-Holiday Blues

    The holidays are over. You may be left with the toll of having jumped back into your own family role, feel like you took somewhat of a financial hit, or maybe “beyond lapsed” with your diet and exercise plan. Though you may feel like you’ve backtracked and are stuck, there...
  2. Misa Butsuhara

    Help! I Never Pick the Right Guy

      A common complaint I hear from women is that they tend to be attracted to the “wrong” men.   I hear statements like: “I’m dating this guy but I’m just not feeling it,” “I always end up dating a creep or a psycho,” and “I think I’ll just have...
  3. Dr. DePompo

    Fed-up But Can’t Break-up

     You’ve put in a lot into your relationship and yet you have not gotten the return you’ve hoped for. You want to pull out but you can’t! Whether you’re afraid to be alone, don’t want someone else to benefit from your hard work, or are preoccupied with the idea it...
  4. Dr. DePompo

    Body Dysmorphic Disorder – What it IS & What to DO!

    Body Dysmorphic disorder can be one of the most challenging problems to work on with clients due to the strength in which the client sees themselves in ways that are inconsistent with other’s reality. For example when people suffering from body dysmorphic become triggered by their reflection in a mirror,...
  5. Dr. DePompo

    Surfing The Sunday Scaries

    The Sunday Scaries often means you work, work work and when Sunday rolls around you get yourself axious about life and the week ahead! You feel out of balance in your life like you may be heading into a crisis. During the week and weekend, there is likely not enough pleasure or sense...
  6. Dr. DePompo

    Why Do We ‘Blank Out’ in Conversation?-

    Your talking to you friends, boos, or children. It is a simple fact you are trying to recall and you go blank! “My goodness is this Alzheimer’s? Am I going losing my mind? Though frustrating, often this is a quite normal human experience and we will tell you WHY this...
  7. Dr. DePompo

    How to Beat Panic Attacks! – without going crazy!

    Panic attacks can be treated very quickly with good treatment. Panic attacks often start with physiological symptoms such as being sweaty, shortness of breath, dizziness, flushed face, pain in chest, trouble swallowing, etc. Everyday events like a hot day, physical exertion, a nightmare, anger or excitement can bring these symptoms...
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