1. Dr. DePompo

    Orange County…The 9.3 Couple Cure

    Share Status Questions Photos Links Video Upcoming events Like Comment The gradual encroachment of social networking into our personal lives has earned itself poor status in the eyes of some relationship experts. They often view Facebook as a catalyst to relationship distress and in some cases, divorce (exchanging post flirts and intimate...
  2. Dr. DePompo

    The Other Woman’s Affair

    After years of research at CBTI an article was published in a peer reviewed journal: Psychological Thought entitled The Other Side Of Infidelity. It discusses the psychological underpinnings of those who enter relationships with unavailable people with recommendation for counselors. An evidence-based self help book was created for the “other”...
  3. Dr. DePompo

    Can we date our political opposites?

    A healthy relationship requires vulnerability. When our partners feel differently about things we care about, we tend to project catastrophic potential consequences. However, you can strive to understand your partner’s political identification without defining him or her by it. An important aspect of love is trying to understand the incomprehensible, and accepting...
  4. Dr. DePompo

    How Dating a Superman – can turn YOU into a Supervillain

    This “superhero” makes you feel: special, attractive, good enough, and stronger.  The world seems open, full of possibilities, and conquerable. You believe your patience and good-girl attitude will lead to the coveted spot in his heart. Only to find (just like in the comics) these Supermen can never settle down...
  5. Dr. DePompo

    How to Know if You Are Dating A Narcissist

    I love people who are high in narcissism. In therapy when they see the costs of it and want to make changes it is a wonderful and effective journey that leads to closer and more loving relationships. Out of therapy they are quite charming and entertaining but that is because...
  6. Cassandra Quaglierini

    Don’t Let the Narcissism Bug Infect Your Family

    Narcissism or the excessive interest in oneself, self-centeredness, or grandiosity is running rampant in today’s society.  Statistics are showing a steady climb in rates of narcissism with rates in the 2000’s being far higher than rates in the 80’s and 90’s.  Increases in plastic surgery, materialism (focus on fame, money,...
  7. Cassandra Quaglierini

    No Haircut is Worth Fighting Over

    No Haircut is Worth Fighting Over All parents come into parenthood with their own ideas about how kids “should” be raised.  These beliefs and rules are often influenced by our own childhood experiences of how our parents raised us and lead to the expectations we place on our spouses and...
  8. Dr. DePompo

    How To Share A Bed When You’ve Slept Alone

    So many couples that are in the process of deepening their relationship avoid too many overnights because they have trouble getting sound sleep unless they’re alone. Dr. DePompo has contributed to Glamour Magazine this month with good tips on how to make this work!  
  9. Dr. DePompo

    The Importance of One to One Family Trips

    One on one trips with children are so important for families to do. It is a wonderful opportunity to deepen the bond with your child when you can leave the siblings or partner at home. There are 3-main tips to focus on when engaging in your trip with your child:...
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