1. Dr. DePompo

    Fed-up But Can’t Break-up

     You’ve put in a lot into your relationship and yet you have not gotten the return you’ve hoped for. You want to pull out but you can’t! Whether you’re afraid to be alone, don’t want someone else to benefit from your hard work, or are preoccupied with the idea it...
  2. Dr. DePompo

    7 Ways to Get Your Teen Interested in the 2016 Election

    The elections are heating up and people are more divided than any other time in our lives. Still, teenagers seem more concerned about Call of Duty and Instagram posts than the direction of the nation. This election season is a great opportunity to get them interested in the election process....
  3. Dr. DePompo

    4 Tips for when Anxiety is Lying to You

    There is a voice in your head that makes you focus on the dangerousness of a situation, tricks you into avoiding what you really want, and doesn’t let you have peace about matters of importance. This voice is the voice of Anxiety. Anxiety is the most prevalent mental disorder, affecting...
  4. Dr. DePompo

    How to Get Over a Break up

    A break-up can be very painful regardless of who pulled the trigger. You wake up and you yearn for your ex. During the day you get bouts of anger at the injustices and unfair treatment that occurred. Here are three things you can do right away to process this and...
  5. Dr. DePompo

    How to Kick Depression’s A**!

    You are depressed. You don’t have the energy to do what you used to do. Even if you did – you don’t even think it would be rewarding or pleasurable. If this is the case – you may be stuck in the loop of depression. This feeling can last for...
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