1. Dr. DePompo

    5 Ways to Fix Your Relationships After An Affair!

    5 Ways to Fix Your Relationships After An Affair! Rebuilding After an Affair! Nothing can demolish a relationship more than finding out your partner is having an affair. It is the ultimate betrayal destroying the innocence and trust of what you thought once was. Though couples can get into ruts...
  2. Misa Butsuhara

    He’s Depressed & It’s making ME Miserable!

    You are caring, nurturing and want to be the best you in & out of the relationship. But, if your partner is struggling with depression or anxiety (up to 80%) of us do at some time in our lives, it can be a real challenge.  I recommend a three-part approach:   Having patience...
  3. Dr. DePompo

    PTSD Awareness Month – The State of Debriefing & Treatment

    What is psychological debriefing & why is it harmful – what can we do?   This month there have been many traumatic events in U.S. alone. After years of research to the contrary, organizations are still using debriefing type interventions following these incidences. During “debriefing” after a trauma individually or...
  4. Misa Butsuhara

    Are you Stuck in your Relationship?

    The latest fad in New Year resolutions seems to be “cleansing.” But what if you cleansed your love life? What if you made a resolution to get all the toxins out of your life, even if it includes … your toxic relationship? How would you feel? If you have an...
  5. Misa Butsuhara

    What Type of Cheater is he?

    Whether you often find yourself being cheated on or you are just discovering an affair for the first time you might wonder, “Why do people cheat?” It might be difficult to wrap your mind around why someone would cheat rather than end their relationship first. In my work with affair...
  6. Dr. DePompo

    7 Ways to Get Your Teen Interested in the 2016 Election

    The elections are heating up and people are more divided than any other time in our lives. Still, teenagers seem more concerned about Call of Duty and Instagram posts than the direction of the nation. This election season is a great opportunity to get them interested in the election process....
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