1. Dr. DePompo

    Affair Etiquette: Dos, Don’ts for The Other Woman

    Having Grace Grace who? Most people in your shoes were duped. They didn’t know their partner was married or were lead to believe they were living separate lives. Perhaps you knew his status, but did not think such feelings would develop over time? Do have grace with yourself. Your intentions...
  2. Misa Butsuhara

    It’s All About the New R & R …And No BS!

      If you and your spouse have been affected by an extra-marital affair, you are likely feeling a variety of conflicting emotions. You might be feeling anxious about whether or not you will be able to stay together. If you both want to salvage your marriage, you are likely much...
  3. Dr. DePompo

    Seven Principles for being in a Miserable Relationship

      This post is for those who hope to get into a long-term relationship or even married and are interested in developing relationship problems. Researcher John Gottman, suggests that a good relationship begins with a wise choice for a partner (obviously the flip-side of this would be to choose a poor...
  4. Dr. DePompo

    The O.C. Holiday Blues

    Thanksgiving through New Years is the time for renewing old acquaintances, holiday parties, gathering around the table for feasts, buying gifts, singing Jingle Bells, and making New Year resolutions. Is this a happy time of the year? ———Sometimes. It can be great to meet with old friends, have sons and...
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