Group Therapy

Our group therapy sessions are problem-specific so that we are able to deepen learning, since evidence-based protocols are different among different therapy issues. They consist of no more than six participants at a time to allow for maximum participation per session where each person’s needs can be addressed. We strive to obtain mixed ages and genders as we find this helps facilitate better learning in group activities.

Family members do not usually take part in cognitive-behavioral group therapy, but when helpful, they can play an important role in assisting with homework assignments and helping monitor and reward your progress.

Currently Dr. DePompo is hosting the following group programs:

Social Anxiety Group
Newport Beach, California, $60+ per session

Social anxiety is a very common problem. Millions of people all over the world suffer from this devastating and traumatic problem every day of their lives, either from a specific social phobia or from a more generalized social phobia. In the United States, social phobia is the third largest psychological disorder in the country. This group is a hands on skills based group that will help you learn the tools needed to make healthy connections with others with the ability to tolerate and cope with the fears that often arise with others.

How to Tackle Persistent Grief
Newport Beach, California, $60+ per session
Very few mental health professionals understand the difficulties that their clients experience when they have persistent grief. Grief is often overlooked and clients are too frequently given an array of diagnoses and experimented on with treatments that just don’t work. This group helps individuals who are experiencing persistent anxiety and/or depression following the loss of their loved one. It is a skills based group for this special population utilizing the most current treatments to complicated grief.

Email Dr. Paul Depompo about this group or call (949) 300-1952