Individual Therapy

Anxiety – Depression
Relationship Difficulties – Life Transitions
Stress Management
Job Anxiety
Chronic Medical Challanges
Substance Abuse – Dependence
Complicated Grief Reactions
Sexual Problems



Arguments – Communication Problems
Financial Disagreements
Sexual Problems
Trust Issues
Controlling Behaviors
Premarital/Pre-Commitment Counseling
Post Martial/ Post Commitment Counseling


Parent – Child Conflicts
Family Communication Problems
Defiant, Angry, or Isolated Teens
Transitions After Divorce of Therapy
Caring for Aging Family Members

Current and Future Groups 

Social Anxiety
How to tackle Persistent Grief
Weight-loss – How to Stick to a Diet

Assessment for Learning Disabilities
Diagnostic/Treatment Planning for Childhood Disorders
Diagnostic/Treatment Planning for Trauma/Abuse
Personality Testing
Intelligence Testing
ADHD Testing