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The Sunday Scaries often means you work, work work and when Sunday rolls around you get yourself axious about life and the week ahead! You feel out of balance in your life like you may be heading into a crisis. During the week and weekend, there is likely not enough pleasure or sense of connection to yourself or others and yu may not feel to are firm enough on-track with your goals.
The “Scary” is often enhanced by the attitude that it will be too difficult to cope with the demands of the week again without getting, sad, depression, or in a constant state of frustration. This can be avoided by experimenting during the week even id in 5 minute increments looking for ways to increase the little joys and making at least a few minutes to push through things you know you should do but are likely avoiding. Schedule what you need to do for the week but also for the pleasure of the weekend as well. Plan and execute doing good things for yourself without waiting for that ‘feeling’ to be there.
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If you are in the Sunday Scaries (because you didn’t listen to me and plan) ask yourself – What would make the best rest of the day today — and Don’t allow excuses (the heart of the Sunday Scaries) and engage in these tasks even for 5 minutes. It takes that long to get into the task and the Scaries will start to subside. Learn from what works, track 3 days in the weekday when you plan and 3 when you don’t see what leads to a better Sunday experience! You can hack the Sunday Ccaries when you learn to balance setting yourself up for the week getting organized but making sure you have a weekend.
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