Individual Therapy

Anxiety – Depression
Relationship Difficulties – Life Transitions
Stress Management
Job Anxiety
Chronic Medical Challenges
Substance Abuse – Dependence
Complicated Grief Reactions
Sexual Problems


CouplesArguments – Communication Problems
Financial Disagreements
Sexual Problems
Trust Issues
Controlling Behaviors
Premarital/Pre-Commitment Counseling
Post Martial/ Post Commitment Counseling
Current and Future Groups Social Anxiety 
How to tackle Persistent Grief
Weight-loss – How to Stick to a Diet

Parent – Child Conflicts
Family Communication Problems
Defiant, Angry, or Isolated Teens
Transitions After Divorce  
Caring for Aging Family Members


Assessment for Learning Disabilities

Diagnostic/Treatment Planning for Childhood Disorders
Diagnostic/Treatment Planning for Trauma/Abuse
Personality Testing
Intelligence Testing
ADHD Testing