Dr. Paul DePompo

PSY 21596, Newport Beach, CA.

Are you feeling stuck, trapped, or at a loss for how to make the changes you‚Äôd like? Whether it is a current troubling relationship, a distressing transition in your life, or a situation that you once thought you could ‚Äútolerate‚Äù but now feel as though is getting to be too much, over time and without help, these painful situations can often lead us to putting ourselves down or harboring anger/resentment at others … which guess what … keeps us stuck! Learning how to “unstick” yourself in order to achieve a happier, more fulfilling existence is possible … and this is where I can help.

My short-term evidence based approach teaches you to make long lasting change. It addresses the unique qualities that characterize how we think, feel, and behave that guide our relationships, career goals, and the way we view others and ourselves. Everyone has the ability to overcome the adversities that life throws at them. I am committed to showing you how.