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More than Insight -We Target Change!

Welcome to the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Institute

A place for healing and growth

There is hope

Helping Adults - Adolescents - Children

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Institute of Southern California utilizes a short-term scientifically-tested approach for Adults, Children, and Adolescents that addresses the unique qualities that characterize how we think, feel and behave that guides our relationships, career goals, and the way we view ourselves and others. 

Workshop Events

Can You Stop That...Breathe! The "Right" Support for your child's Tourette's.
June 29 2024

What people are saying:

 I couldn’t break out of Covid depression. CBTI taught me how to identify and break out of my stuck-patterns and I am now confident I have developed a system that can withstand the next “life-twist.”


So grateful! I’m able to connect and communicate with my child on a whole new level. I love being a parent again.

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