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Are you or someone you love stuck, trapped, or at a loss for how to make the changes that are needed? Whether it is a current troubling relationship, a distressing transition, or a situation that you once could be “tolerated” but now feel as though is getting to be too much, over time these painful situations can lead us to putting ourselves down harboring anger/resentment or depression leading to more depression … which guess what … keeps us stuck! We help people achieve a long-term, happier and more fulfilling existence with concrete tools that can work!

Professional Training & Workshop Events –

an affiliated training center of the Albert Ellis Institute, NYC

3-Day Primary Certificate Practicum in RE & CBT and Cognitive Behavior Therapy – July 27 – 29th, 2018

Friday & Saturday Time: 8:45 am-7:30 pm
Sunday, Time: 8:45 am-5:00 pm


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The Couples Retreat

Has Infidelity affected your marriage or significant relationship? We'll help you discover your new chapter...

For Children 2 – 8 years-old


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