Has Infidelity affected your marriage or significant relationship? Do you want to make your relationship work, but are too confused, hurt, anxious or ashamed to figure out how to do this? Have you already tried couples therapy and found that it hasn’t helped or perhaps has made your situation worse than before?

The Infidelity Clinic at the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Institute of Southern California focuses upon effectively treating couples who want to stay together after infidelity has harmed their relationship. When a couples faces infidelity it can be challenging to find the right therapist that has the experience and training to help couples. Infidelity is a rare specialty because many therapists do not know how to effectively help make long-term change.

Our approach is unique because it gets to the heart of the problems quickly so the work can begin. In this way, the couple is advised, early on in the therapy process, exactly what it will take for them to improve their relationship, and a plan is developed. Our approach does neither allow for a harsh and blaming environment nor game-playing between the couple, but rather an honest, positive, and accepting environment in which the couple’s strengths are re-built and further built upon.

The Infidelity Clinic provides a structured treatment protocol based on the skills and techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The treatment typically spans 18 to 20 sessions (but can vary), and many couples start to see significant improvement in their relationship after as little as three sessions. During the course of therapy, couples gain insight into what has lead to the affair in order to treat the issue efficiently at the core. Couples learn to build closeness, trust, and how to increase their own and each other’s satisfaction in the relationship. In addition, a marital-prevention plan for potential future problems is created. A booster session is scheduled 6 months after therapy ends to ensure the couple is maintaining the tools learned. The benefits gained during the treatment often last throughout the couple’s relationship.

Misa Butsuhara, MFT heads the Infidelity Clinic at CBTI of SoCal and has been successfully treating Infidelity with a short-term, evidence-based approach that is goal-focused and no-nonsense.