What do you mean I can’t wear a halter top?

Getting ready in the morning as a teenager in the OC is stressful

Shorts? Jeans? Tank top? Dress? Finding the matching pair of shoes.  Today picking out your clothes in the morning is hard enough let alone dealing with what is popular vs. what is allowed via the school “dress code.” It is important to learn how to balance expressing who you are and adhering to the “rules” so you can do what you are supposed to do—experiment with what you like and who you are. If you don’t do that now – you could end up being a follower the rest of your life.

At this age how you dress IS a statement, a way of communicating to others who you are, how you feel and the opinions you have.  Trying on new clothes is often a way of trying on a new identity because let’s be honest, as a teen you’re still trying to figure out where the heck you fit in!

The media and the Ariana Grandes of the world inspire us (and maybe even pressure us) to look fierce.  At school – wearing the wrong thing  can make you have to hear about it all day (or all year)! What if what you feel like wearing is considered “inappropriate” or “seductive”?  Before you fight your school (or parents) maybe it’s important to consider what your style really means to you and who you aspire to be?  How you dress is such an important form of expression. Thinking about why you wear what you wear and for who you wear what you wear is necessary.

What will others think of me if I wear this? 

If this breaks dress code, is it worthwhile to make this statement for the sake of looking “trendy”?  Maybe yes – maybe no … but imagine yourself 10 years from now as a powerful and confident woman; would this current look take you down that path?  Maybe it seems like you have a long time to change, but why not shape your future starting today?

The way you view yourself and where you obtain good feelings about yourself has started already.  Ensuring you are fueling your self-view in a healthy manner and not giving power to people’s judgments of you can start today.   More than dressing the part to either fit in with your friends or not dressing the part to avoid getting in trouble, it’s about you developing your character identity. Doing things that are going to build the you that is confident and surrounds yourself with good natured and dependable people.

Designing the future you.

It’s about starting to make the decisions today that will create the confident tomorrow.  It’s often said, you are what you eat, but I would argue that during adolescence you are what you wear.  So make a well thought out statement. Your voice is important not only to others, but to the “you” in creation. So when you look in the mirror ask yourself:

Am I trying to look like what they want (or don’t want)? Or like who I am building to be? YOU decide. 😉